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Windows and doors play a very important role in the design and function of any household. In addition to providing access, they also allow natural light and airflow to enter as well, making the interior of the household look nicer and feel more comfortable. Many homeowners opt for uPVC windows and doors, and for good reason.

Zenit Window Systems is a leading provider of uPVC double glazed windows in Melbourne. We manufacture custom made uPVC windows and doors that are specially designed to fit the exact measurements and requirements of your window areas. Our friendly and knowledgeable team can help to select the right design of uPVC windows and doors that will provide optimal performance and value. We have years of experience working on uPVC window installation projects with different budgetary requirements, meaning we can adjust our uPVC windows designs to suit your budget.

What is uPVC?

uPVC stands for Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride. It’s a long lasting type of plastic that can be shaped into intricate profiles that act as air seals and requires minimal maintenance. uPVC frames are commonly sought after by homeowners because they provide a superior level of thermal performance compared to thermally broken aluminium or timber frames.

Why is uPVC better than Aluminium & Timber?

While many window frames are made out of aluminium or timber, uPVC frames are becoming more and more popular. uPVC windows and doors are far more thermally efficient than aluminium is (including thermal break aluminium) and can retain more heat. Since aluminium is a conductor, even double glazed windows won’t be efficient enough if they don’t have the uPVC frames to support them.

While timber windows have better thermal properties than aluminium windows, they need to be regularly maintained, especially if the property is situated around a coastal area. This can lead to expensive long term repair work being necessary unless you opt for uPVC double glazed windows and doors instead.

Why uPVC Frames Are Highly Recommended

Zenit Window Systems’ exceptional uPVC frames are highly durable and offer a tight seal against water, weather and other elements. The uPVC double glazed windows our Melbourne technicians can install for you provide excellent energy efficiency and minimise how much outdoor noise you will hear when inside your house, which is highly recommended for households located in high traffic areas.

The custom made uPVC windows and doors we provide are made out of premium quality thermal conductivity materials and components that work to retain the heat in your household. These strong and durable materials ensure that your uPVC window installation won’t be affected by vibrations and fluctuations while also being completely rainproof and windproof.

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